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Good Business Card Design
Business Card Design Tips &
Unique Business Card Designs
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Business Cards Design Tips - What makes a
good business card design?

What is a business card?
On the surface ‘business’ cards are a convenient way of letting
someone know your contact information. Almost anyone can
benefit from having a business card for example; teacher
business cards, student business cards or even just social
networking cards.

On a deeper level, business cards are a powerful marketing tool,
a business showcase tool, a branding tool, a get-the-business or
not tool. A business card is part of your personal and corporate
image. A business card helps brand you as a professional.

A business card can be as unique as your business.  A good
business card accurately reflects your business.  For example a
lawyer’s card should be totally different from that of a wedding
planner’s business card.  When someone looks at your
business card they should clearly be able to tell what you do.  

The Do’s and Do Not’s of
A Good Business Card Design

Business Card Do Not’s:
Do not choose flimsy business card stock - flimsy cards
say this is a here today gone tomorrow business.
Do not use cards with a printing company logo on the
back of the card, (we've all seen those cards) send your
customers a quality message and spend the few extra
dollars to remove the logo.
Do not use, obviously printed at home business cards,
especially the ones that show the torn off edge marks.
Do not use business cards with crossed out text.
Do not use business cards that look like they were
stepped on or bent.
Do not use template business cards, that look like a
business card made from a point and click template.
Do not use business cards with artsy fonts, they are not
cool and unique they are just hard to read.
Do not present business cards with too little or too much

Business cards are a very common placed business tool, and
that’s exactly why it is important that you pay attention to your
business card design, because customers see so many
business cards they can tell a crappy design without even having
to think about it.  And a crappy designed business card will
translate in their minds that you have a crappy business.  So pay
close attention to your choice in a business card.

The Do’s of a Good Business Card Design:
Choose excellent card stock.
Project a professional image.
Choose an expertly designed logo.
Do put a current email and or web address on your
business cards.
Stand out from the crowd use unique designs, depending
on the type of business or promotion you can use for
example chocolate business cards or eco-friendly seed
paper business cards.
Do triple check your spelling and content such as your
address or phone number, one typo or transposing of a
word and your whole stack of business cards are ruined.
Change it up a little...
There are so many choices in business cards.  
Compliment your business with a unique style business
card like a chocolate business card, or a eco-friendly plant-
able seed business card.  Choose these cards based on
your business type or your promotion.  Unique business

  • Seed Paper Eco-Friendly Business Cards
  • Chocolate Business Cards
  • Use Moo.com and print a differnt image on each
    business card.
  • Vista Print for affordable full color printing.
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MOO Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards - Create unique cards using your own photos or designs to help your business stand out!