MOO Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards - Create unique cards using your own photos or designs to help your business stand out!
Business Card Guide:
What to put on a business card?
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Eco-Friendly Seed Paper business cards is a unique
business card and a great way to stand out from the crowd,
market your business and help the earth.  
Chocolate business cards. A business card with real
impact! Make a statement with our impressive
business cards.
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Change it up a little...
There are so many choices in business cards.  
Compliment your business with a unique style business
card like a chocolate business card, or a eco-friendly plant-
able seed business card.  Choose these cards based on
your business type or your promotion.  Unique business

  • Seed Paper Eco-Friendly Business Cards
  • Chocolate Business Cards
  • Use Moo.com and print a differnt image on each
    business card.
  • Vista Print for affordable full color printing.
Business Card Guide:
What to put on a Business Card

Deciding what to put on your business card;
•        Your Name
•        Your Title
•        Your Business Name
•        Your Email Address
•        Your Phone Number
•        Your Website
•        Your Fax Number
•        Your Business Tagline

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Do's and Do Not's of Good Business Card Design

Look at business cards that you like a simple google search for
business card ideas should lead to a significant amount of design

As with any other type of printing full color printing almost always
cost more so choose your design wisely.
Use a company like
Vistaprint, which does not charge more for full color.

To get the best result when designing a business card start with
the end goal in mind.  

Examples of goals for your business cards are;

  • A call to action – using your business card to get the receiver
    to take action on something, i.e. sign up for your newsletter,
    call for a free sample, make an appointment.

  • Showcase Products - i.e. using images of your product or

  • Present contact information – use a business card to simply
    have your contact information.

  • Brand your marketing image – use business cards that
    enforce your brand image and logo.

Elements of a good business card design:
  • A business card should be intriguing, so as to create interest.
  • A business card should have a call to action.
  • A business card should have a telling business tagline.

Business Card options:
The options are almost limitless, but to be able to get the best price
and know exactly what you are looking for its worth it to know these
•        You can choose the card stock, that’s the paper the card is
printed on.
•        One sided
•        Double sided  - double sided cards are recommended,
because one sided cards are a waste of valuable space.  You can
have imprinted n the back a calendar, appointment reminder forms,
notes etc.
•        Fold over cards
•        Full color cards
•        Foil enhanced cards
•        Raised ink cards
•        Photo Business Cards
•        Vertical cards and horizontal cards
•        Die cut business cards – as in custom shapes
Tip: Double sided or foil enhancement business cards etc will cost

How to get business cards?
You can choose a graphic designer to design one for you.
You can go to a business like VistaPrint just don’t do the as
is template, change up the images.
You can choose a unique business card style from Moo they
let you print multiple designs on one order.

Tip: When getting your card from a graphic designer make sure to
get a proof before printing. As with most designers it is still your
responsibility to check spelling. Also get a copy of the design if you
can, so if you choose to use a different printer for the next batch you
will have a copy of the design.

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MOO Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards - Create unique cards using your own photos or designs to help your business stand out!
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