Consolidated Stamp - 086993 - Black Marble Custom Laser White Engraved Desk Bar, 8 X 2
Consolidated Stamp - 086992 - Walnut Desk Holder W/Fixed Engraved Nameplates, 8 X 2
Consolidated Stamp - 086990 - Walnut Desk Holder W/Fixed Engraved Nameplates, 8 X 2

Consolidated Stamp - 086990 - Walnut Desk Holder W/Fixed Engraved Nameplates, 8 X 2

[COS086990] UPC: 039956869904 UNSPC: 55121701 1 LB

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Office Style
Guide to Choosing a Custom Name Plate Style

A name plate should be an office staple for any office.  Custom Name Plates give
your office a professional finished and polished touch.  The purpose of a custom
nameplate can be to guide visitors to find an office or so that visitors to your office
can identify or remember your name and or title while visiting your office.  Name
Plates are also great gift ideas for small business owners or a new office opening.

Purpose of the Name Plate: For example:
•        New Employee Offices
•        Executive Name Plates
•        Cubicle Name Plates
•        Door Name Plates
•        Desk Top Name Plates

Name Plate Engraving Options
Most custom Name Plates are laser engraved.  Depending on the size of your
Name Plate and your position you can choose to engrave only your name or your
name and title, for an even more polished presentation choose a nicely engraved
company logo name plate.

Functional Name Plates
  • Some name plates can also include a slot to place business cards.
  • Interchangeable Name plates can also be used for perhaps shared
  • Magnetic Nameplates

Name Plate Material & Style Options
Name plates can be custom made from many materials, the most popular types
of name plate materials are Marble Name Plates, Wood Name Plates, Glass
Name Plates, Aluminum or Plastic Nameplates.  Name plates can be rectangle;
square, rounded corners or fully customized designs.
Name plates can also come in a choice of colors and you have a choice in the font
style which is the typestyle that you want the words printed in.

Name Plates Price and Ordering Options
Custom Name Plates price ranges can be from $5 to approx $40.  When
purchasing a name plate you want to purchase from a location that offers a wide
variety and fully custom options.  The following link offers close to two hundred
name plate styles.  

Search by the type of name plate, again your options can be Magnetic,
Interchangeable, Functional, Door, Desk or based on a material like glass,
marble, wood or any material that reflects your office style.

Preprinted Signs
Other types of signs that compliment an office are wall or door signs; for example
consider Employees Only signs, No Soliciting Sign, Rest Rooms Sign, Sign in
Signs, Exit Signs, reversible open/closed signs, Electronic Message Signs,
department signs and more.  
Find a complete selection of signs to suit your
Enhance your office space with
Name Plates Engraved
Wood Name Plates - Door Name Plates - Custom Desk Name Plates
Solid Glass Nameplate -
Makes a lasting impression on office guests.
Laser engraved with a feather pen design,
along with any 3-line personalization.
Click this Name plate to see More Glass
Nameplate styles.
Walnut Desk Holder w/Fixed Engraved
Black Marble Custom Laser White Engraved
Desk Bar
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