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Enhance your business: Use a toll free svc
Friendly Tristate Lady - Benefits of a Business 800 Phone Number
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The Bonus Reasons Why You Really Should  
Get a Business 800 Phone Number

A business 800 phone number is a productivity tool that vastly enhances
your business, that being said considering an 800 number can be a
daunting task especially with the exhaustive amount of 800 number
services available.

Aside from the general reasons why persons consider a business 800
phone number, for example:

Use a business 800 phone number to increase the accessibility
your customer has to your business.
Using a business 800 phone number to make your business
appear larger and more credible.
Increasing response rates by providing access to your business
by using a toll free svc.
Providing customer convenience.
Not wanting your location to be know as it occurs when using local

Aside from the above popular reasons to get an 800 number there are
some bonus reasons why you should really be using a business 800
phone number.  

Having a business 800 phone number is like having a 3D phone number,
an 800 number offers so many layers and dimensions that a standard
land-line or mobile phone simply can't compare.

Bonus features of a business 800 phone number:

  • To start; a business 800 phone number is affordable, starting at
    less than $10 a month, it wont break the bank!

  • You get to try it for FREE! You can't beat that!

Multiple lines:
    You can have multiple extensions for example you can have one
    for sales, one for customer service, one for general inquiries and
    even an operator extension, as in dial "0" for the operator.
Multiple voice mail options:
    A toll free svc allows you to set up multiple custom voice-mail
    messages.  For example your voice-mail messages  can be
    based on the time of day i.e if your working hours are 9 to 5 you
    can set your voice mail to leave customers a custom after hours
    message saying you have reached us after our regular hours and
    so forth, or if a customer reached your business voice-mail during
    your regular business hours you can have a different message to
    automatically play saying for example “we are sorry we missed
    your call, we are in the office, on another line etc..

    This works the same for weekend messaging or vacation
    messaging, you can have the phone not even ring, just have the
    caller automatically sent to a custom message, but still have the
    voice-mail message to come to your email if you want.  This also
    helps when you need to turn off the phone at a specific times, with
    a do not disturb feature.
In addition to getting your new business 800 phone number or
vanity number, many business 800 phone number services also
come complete with fax options, on hold music, the option to leave
messages like 'thank you for holding a representative will be with
you in a moment and MUCH, MUCH MORE!! It is incredible that it
starts at only $10 a month, and they let you try it all for free!

A toll free svc helps level the playing field:  
    The features of a toll free svc will surpass your expectations; you
    get all the features that are expected of bigger businesses, for a
    price that a smaller company can afford.  Again the features like
    call redirection, call scheduling, screening, announce the caller,
    voice-mail to email all will enhance your business and your

Multi tasking support – With a toll free svc you can also setup
departments or separate businesses all on ONE account!

Multiple Voice-mail Options: An 800 phone number helps you
make a powerful first impression.  A business toll free service and
all its extensive features can increase your voice-mail
professionalism. Your voice-mail greeting may be the first
impression you give a potential client, the effectiveness of your
greeting can either influence the caller to leave you a message or
not, it could even help the caller determine whether they will be
doing business with you or not. What you say and how you say it,
has a direct impact on your client’s feelings, decisions and

Bonus tip for choosing a 800 number service:
    Choose an experienced company that has been in business for a
    long time.  Because after you have invested in promoting your
    business 800 phone number on all your marketing documents
    you want to be assured that this company will be around.

A business 800 phone number is a simple way to enhance your
business, sign up and try the FREE 30 day trial. Check out the special
offer links to the right.  

Author Nikki Auguste of Tristate Business Solutions
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