Enhance Your Business: Use Email Newsletters
Learn what is an e-newsletter and how to use it!
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Enhance our Business:
Don’t Let Your Customers Read Your
Competitors Newsletter First!

The Bad News:
If you are NOT already using an email newsletter to communicate
with your customers… guess what!? Your customers are probably
already reading your competitors newsletter… not good.

The Good News:
Your customers are expecting a newsletter from you and they are
willing to hear all the great things you have to share.
By the way if you are already using email newsletters to
communicate with your customers Kudos to you!  Check out the
following tips on how to manage your newsletter to enhance your
business in a limitless way!

How does a newsletter enhance my business?
You have no business without customers? Right! Customers are
valuable? Right! And I’m going to bet that you have tons of
competitors? Right! This means you have to keep those valuable
customers close and what better way to accomplish this than be
right in your customers’ in box! You worked hard to get those
customers so keep them in your pocket (newsletter).

Do customers really want a newsletter from me?
Yes they do! As we established they are already reading your
competitors newsletter, but they want your e-newsletter because
they are already doing business with you, they have already met you
and they are interested in what you have to say.  Communicate with
them and help them to make the decision to use your product or

What’s so different about a newsletter email and a regular email?
A newsletter can be sent in HTML format which means it will have all
your custom pretty pictures in it.  Just think if you are talking to your
customers about your new restaurant for example you can have
pictures of your restaurant and special meals all in that one email
with a direct link to make a reservation, or to print a clip-able
coupon.  If you have various specials you can also test them to see
which ones your customers really like and respond to is it the Friday
night salsa, or the free drink special?

Plus you can put a poll right in your email newsletter, regular email
can’t do that!

Email newsletters are visual and totally custom. Email newsletters
can help with selling products, events or services.   All e-newsletter
services come with various professionally designed templates that
you can use as is or customize to send out your email.  For example
you can include your
logo, a picture of your staff or any other
graphic.  e-Newsletter services are very easy to use, just populate
the fields and you are ready to go.
Favorite Email Newsletter Features
A favorite feature of an email newsletter and what makes it a secret success tool is that you can see in real time
how your customers are reacting to your newsletter.  Are they not opening it because your email title is boring, or
the topic is of no interest, and when you change the topic are they then commenting and following through on your

You can tell exactly how many persons opened your email and how many email's ‘bounced’ meaning the email
was not able to be sent because the email address was incorrect for example.  

Your messages can go viral and you can see it go viral because you can see exactly how many people actually
forwarded your message.

E-Newsletters are great for any type of business, landscapers, restaurants, web designers, schools whatever your
business an email newsletter can enhance your business.

Why not just use Snail Mail?
Electronic newsletters are cheaper than doing snail mail!
Electronic newsletters are track-able, snail mail is a bit harder to track.

Other Email Newsletter Bonus Benefits!
Email newsletter services provide you a link that you easily put on your website, so that your website visitors can
sign up directly on your
website to get your newsletter, and then their contact information automatically gets posted
in your email database! Presto and updated database and less work for you!

You can import your current contact list directly into the newsletter database, no need to re type anything.

New contacts and customers can opt in so that you won’t be spamming anyone and they also have the option to
opt out so you know when you send an email it’s to someone who wants to read all about you and your successful

Not sure what to say in your e-newsletter?
The answer to this is closely related to your business, you can use an email newsletter to send special offers or
tips for your customers, information about upcoming events. Here is an idea! Sign up for the email newsletters of
businesses similar to yours and see what they offer so that you can come up with some ideas of your own.

How often should you send an e-newsletter?
Again the answer is closely related to your business and what you are offering; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly are
most common, ask your customers what they would prefer.
Tips to make your e-newsletter even better?
You can on your website offer an incentive for signing up for your newsletter like a free gift, tutorial, a discount, free consultation etc, that ought to get some buzz going.  

Also ask your customers by using an email newsletter poll what would they suggest.

If you have multiple services try creating a newsletter for each distinct service and let your customer decide which newsletter they want to sign up for, instead of imposing
information they are not interested in or that’s not relevant to them.

Which Email Newsletter service should I choose?
There are quite a few reputable email newsletter services, we have highlighted a few popular tools on this page, each service offers some type of free trial, sign up
for each and see which one fits your company, which templates do you like, what features does each offer, what’s the price to use each service are some things to
consider, but sign up for a free trial and that’s the best way to find out.

In a nutshell:
•        Your customers expect a newsletter from you, so get started now.
•        Sign up for free email newsletter trial. You have nothing to lose!
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