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Affordable Logo Design.
What is a Logo & What Makes a Good Logo:
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Insider Tips:
How to Maximize Your Logo Investment.

In this article learn:
•        How a good logo enhances your business!
•        What makes a good logo?
•        How to create Buzz with your new logo.
•        Plus! The secret tip they won’t tell you when you get a logo!

Success Leaves Tracks
You started your business with the intent that your business will be
a success, a business that will stand the test of time, you can name
at least twenty successful businesses, cant you? Do those
successful businesses have a custom logo?  Yes they do! There is
not a successful business that exists that does not have a logo or
symbol that their own customers do not recognize. So what should
you do? Get a Logo!

How a Good Logo Enhances Your Business!
A good logo builds your brand design and helps you to stand out
from your competition.  When you design and get a logo you
incorporate who you are as a business and what it is you do into a
graphic that people will see and remember.

The image you project with your logo on your marketing documents
can make the difference between a customer choosing you or your
competitor.  So invest in a proper logo that sets the tone for your
Example if a daycare center chose the logo of a hammer
and a nail would you send your kid to that daycare? No Way! So a
logo gives customers a view of what your business is all about
before you even say a word!  Same daycare with a logo image of
caring hands, may do a better job of getting your attention.

Brand Design
It’s better to start off your businesses' brand design with the right
logo at the beginning of the process, than it is to change up or start
branding later on in the game.  In building your brand design and
your marketing tools you will need a good logo for when you print
your business cards, when you develop your website, when you
send a proposal or an invoice, also if you attend trade shows
organizers may request a copy of your logo for added promotion.

No matter what type of business you are in, even if you sell a multi
level product you want to let your own business trademark shine
through. Get your own trademark just like many of the popular logos
we already know, so that people can start recognizing YOU.  

What is a Logo?
A logo is an image that is used to promote your business and helps
your business gain visibility.  Like the example above a logo should
closely relate to what you do, so without saying a word a customer
can get the gist of the type of company you are, are you a sports
company or a financial company?  

Logos can be a purely graphic image like an umbrella or circles etc,
a logo can also be composed of the name of your company or
product for example the coca-cola logo.
Tristate Lady - Getting a Logo!
What Makes a Good Logo?
  • A good logo is a logo that accurately represents your company.  
  • A logo that can be copied to various backgrounds and still look good.
  • A logo that can be resized and reprinted well.

Ask yourself will this logo print well on a black background and a white or red background?  Does the logo look good in various sizes?

What They Don’t Tell You About Your Logo!
The secret:
 Having a logo designed with multiple colors looks great but will cost you more when you have that same logo printed on
business cards, brochures or promotional products and apparel.

Logos with multiple colors or uniquely shaded colors cost almost triple the price when you are have them printed on things like
promotional products.  

Solution: Go ahead and get that great full color logo for your website etc.  But also create a very similar version where the colors don’t
touch, use only one or two colors in this second version, then use this second version for printing on
promotional products or
promotional apparel etc.

Create some BUZZ with your logo!
Idea! Once you've had a designer draft up a few logo ideas, create some buzz and ask your email newsletter readers or your social
media followers which logo design they prefer.  Remember - Every time someone sees your logo they will know what company they
are dealing with and what you are about.

How to Get a Logo?
You can choose a graphic designer or choose from some of the options listed on the top right of this page, these professional
companies offer you designs from multiple designers at one time.

Before going to any logo designer here are some tips to help you get the best results:

  • Use all the above tips when creating your concepts
  • Plan your budget.  If your budget is limited, do some research first.
  • Ask questions before requesting your logo, make sure everything is clear before you pay, asking questions cost nothing.
  • Know what you want! Describe your ideas for your logo as clearly as possible including any colors or concepts.  Perhaps you
    can provide a sample of other logos or fonts that you like.  By doing this, you will be able to achieve the best result when you get
    a logo designed.

Author Nikki Auguste of Tristate Business Solutions
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