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Having a custom web site design is a staple in branding any successful business.  Let us help you improve your small business
We can help you to design an affordable small business website from initial concept to completion. Optimize your website
so that it can be found on Google and the other major search engines. We can also help you set up affiliate programs, monetize your
website, promoting and advertising your website.

Speak with one of our experienced consultants who can guide
you through the process of getting an
affordable, custom web
site design.  
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Custom Web Site Design: Things to Consider

When it comes to getting a website you have many options,
you can choose to have a custom web site design a template
website or a do it yourself website, each option has its own
pros and cons.

Many companies offer drive through websites, where you
simply choose a template and presto website in five minutes
this I wont recommend because do you want a website that
might look just like your competitors site?

Although you can use a template website to get up and going
quickly, remember the old adage if you build it they will come,
does NOT apply to these types of websites.  

The ideal website would be a
custom web site design, and

We can provide you with an
affordable small business
.  We can design for you a custom web site design,
optimized for Google and the other major search engines,
optimized for viewing in various browsers.  Custom colors,
layout and design, designed to your specifications.  

Most popular custom website design services range from:

  • A one page sales focused page.

  • A standard informational website of about 3 - 5 pages.

  • A complex, detailed website that would include things
    such as e-commerce, flash, logins, programming, etc


Are you going to have the time to update and maintain the
website yourself?

Did you know flash websites look great but they don't help you
get the better search engine ranking.

Do you know which fonts are best for the Internet?

Do you know how to tag your images in your website so that
search engines that crawl your site will be able to read it?

Did you know website gets crawled?

Do you know that your website does not look the same on all

Do you know what meta tags are?

Do you know how many times to use your main keywords in
your website.

Do you know how to find the right keywords for your website?

Do you know how to create a landing page? What is a landing

We know the answers, and thats just one of the many reasons
you should choose us to create a custom web site design for

A custom web site design helps you to brand and market your
business or service more effectively for example at trade
shows.  Tristate Business Solutions handles everything you
need to have a successful,
affordable small business web
design while you focus on doing what you are passionate
about... your business!
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