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Guide to Affordable Website Solutions
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With the expansive growth of the Internet, there is also a vast
availability of affordable website solutions.  Simply use a DIY web
site tool to create custom website solutions.  These days with no
web programming knowledge at all anyone can figure out how to
build a custom website solution for their business.  ‘Do it yourself
web design’ is very common and there are many great tools that can
help, so don't hire a web designer if you don't need one.  

Do It Yourself Website Features
There are many affordable and easy to use website solutions, with a
do it yourself web design site, you can have still have access to all
the features of a professionally designed website.  With easy to use
tools you can create your own e-commerce solution and accept your
customer’s payments and there are many tools like Yahoo Search
that can ensure your DIY website will be found in Internet searches.
You will be on the right path.

14 Reasons To Choose A Do-It-Yourself Web Site Tool Option:

  • You want access to update the website yourself when you
    want without depending on a webmaster.
  • You don’t want to pay a web designer to do something you
    think you can manage in-house
  • You have the time or the staff available to update and
    maintain your website.
  • You want a website today! So instead of searching for a
    designer you want to get started now.
  • Create revenue through direct sales.
  • Communicate with customers and potential customers.
  • Provide information and answer questions.
  • Provide online services.
  • Enhance your business image.
  • Get increased exposure.
  • Generate leads.
  • Gather customer information.
  • Display your products and services.
  • Provide resources to the media so you can get free publicity.

Complete Website Solutions - Featuring a Free Website Tool

Choose an easy to use website tool like Yahoo Site Builder.  Yahoo
Site Builder can help you to have an affordable website solution with
easy to use web page construction.    Yahoo Site Builder download
website tool features many templates and also ways to start your
web page from scratch so that you can achieve custom website
solutions.  What’s great is that you don’t have to invest a lot to get
started as Yahoo’s Website tool is free to use.  You do need to get a
Web hosting plan which costs approximately $11.95 a month;
Yahoo offers many convenient payment options.  Another popular
option is Go Daddy’s Website Tonight.  Either way the investment is
low but the benefits of getting your own website priceless!

Here are a few tips to get the best out of your do it yourself
website solution:
  • Name your pages carefully
  • You can start by using a provided custom template but we
    would suggest customizing the template so that your
    website is unique.

If you need help using your Yahoo Site tools we can help.  If you
contact us for a custom web site design free consultation.  
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Tip: Do it yourself web site design can go a step further with PayPal which you can use with no monthly
fees to collect money, donations and subscription payments from your clients!
GoDaddy is a well know domain name and web hosting provider.
Tip: your hosting company and domain name company do not have to be the same, so if you use one
company for hosting but get a better domain name deal from another go for it, but make sure to keep
your records for renewal purposes.
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