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Planning A Website - Frequently Asked Questions
Tools to Enhance Your Business:            Custom Web Site Design           Do It Yourself Website Tools      Frequently Asked Website Questions
Use the following questions to guide you through planning your
website, and as a guide to additional add-on services we offer.
These questions pertain mainly to customers doing business with
Tristate Business Solutions but some answers may assist with
general questions.

Why do I need a website?
You need a website because whether you know it or not, your
customers are searching for the service you provide online.   A
website is a brochure of what you do. Although you may get walk-in
traffic to your business, customers may still be looking for your
business online.  Read more about
why you need a website.

How much does it cost to get a website?
Websites can widely range depending on if you hire a professional
or design it yourself, also pricing is based on the features and
functionality you want on your website for example e-commerce or
interactivity, also the amount of pages in a website plays a part
when considering
how much it cost to get a website.
A fully custom web site designed by one of our in-house web
designers can cost anywhere from $399.00
A do-it-yourself website can cost you from as little as $7 a month.
What do I need for a website?
The Content:  You need the content for your web site; the content for your website is the words that your
readers will be reading on your site.  You can accomplish this by either creating the content yourself or
hiring a copywriter.  All content should be sent to the web designer copy ready meaning its ready to be
placed on the Internet, spell check included, if you need assistance with creating this you should tell your
website designer upfront.  

What does a website need?
A website needs clear goals for want you want to achieve with your website. Just like a business has a
business plan, your website should have a website plan.

What are some things a basic website would include?
Some of the things a basic website would include are; keyword optimization, navigation, site-map, custom
email addresses, hyper-links to your social networking sites.  Your website can include as many pages as
you like, for example home page, about us page, services page etc., an on-site contact us form.

What about web hosting and domain names?
We will help you setup your domain name and hosting, if you already have a domain name that’s OK too. If
you want to set up your own domain and hosting we recommend Yahoo Web hosting.

Web Hosting - What is web hosting and what does it cost?
Web Hosting is a monthly fee that all website owners pay, this fee is to secure your space on the World
Wide Web.  The cost can be under $10 a month.

Web Design - What is web design and what does it cost?
After you or your web designer has secured your web hosting account.  This is designing your space on the
Internet.  The prices range widely - Tristate Business Solutions offers custom, affordable, high quality

Domain Name - What is a domain name and what does it cost?
Your Domain Name is the www.blank.com that your customers or clients will use to reach your designed
website that you have hosted.  This cost can be less that $20.00 annually.

Website Maintenance - What is website maintenance and what does it cost?
Website Maintenance is for when you want to update your website and make changes to the font, colors,
text, calendar etc.  Prices range widely; Tristate Business Solutions offers packages to assist.

How does my website get updated?
If you have a custom web site designed by one of our in-house designers we reserve the right and
responsibility to update all websites designed by us.  If get your website with the
do it yourself website
option you will update your website yourself.  If you need help managing this we can facilitate that as an
add-on service.

How much does website updates cost?
Website updates start at $15.00 per half hour, payable before services are rendered.

I had a lapse in my web hosting, what happens now?
Depending on the time frame we may or may not be able to republish your website.  Website republishing
after a lapse starts at $30.00 an hour.  We previously offered this service complimentary but due to the
increase in these types of requests and the time it takes to republish the site and complete related tasks
we have no choice but to implement a small service fee.

Why, how and when should I promote my website? Also who promotes my website?

Why -
Because it is the only way people will find your website.  Having a domain name, web hosting
account, and designed web page - is only half of the project of maintaining and promoting your website
and online presence.

How - Having a website is a great marketing tool to get the word out about your website.  Websites can
serve different purposes, informational, store front, catalog of online products and services and more.  
one will find your website unless you are doing some of the following steps to promote your website
. Here
10 tips to get the most from your website investment.  

  1. Word of mouth.
  2. Advertising your website to web search engines that index the Web
  3. Giving customers a good reason to come by offering them something a contest, promotions,
    giveaway products with your logo.
  4. Finding industry-wide linking pages and negotiating reciprocal links to and from their web pages.
  5. Purchasing web advertising
  6. Becoming active in several Internet groups and mailing lists
  7. Develop a "signature" mini-ad attached to all your e-mail messages
  8. Making your website part of one or more of the many "malls."
  9. Include your e-mail and Web site address on all your company's print literature, stationery, and
    display advertising
  10. E-mail newsletters

Who promotes my website?
  1. You can do the majority of the above yourself.
  2. Contact a marketing consultant.
  3. Call us for a free consultation.

When- ALL the time - constantly promoting your website using the steps above.

For more information or questions contact us for a free consultation.
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