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Women in Business Resources
Build Connections - Tips for Women in Business

Tristate Business Solutions is an active supporter of the community of
Women in Business.  Women in business face unique challenges and
for this reason we can use all the extra support possible. Here are a
few tools to enhance your business:

Use the right tools to enhance your business!

Network your business with online forums, like the Tristate Area
- Women in Business community.  

Get your free listing in our Business Directory

Sign up to get the tools to enhance your business - blog

Join us on meetup.com and get information on upcoming

Tip: Even though you do not reside in the tristate area, we still want to
network and connect with you.

Get the most out of online networking!

Post your website in forums.
Post your upcoming events
Be an active participant.
Share encouraging thoughts or tips
Ask for advice or opinions
Get to know others - remember building connections is
mutually beneficial

Start with the goal of helping at least one person. Challenge
yourself to help at least one person. Imagine if everyone did

Network with your need in mind, Think about one or two needs
that you have. Examples:
    You need contacts within an organization
    You are want to generate publicity for an event
    You are want contacts within an industry you hope to get a job in

Make it easy for someone to help you. The clearer you are in
your descriptions of yourself , your goals and needs… the better
your chance for success.

Remember - Though you may not have a need for someone’s
product or services remember that individual might trigger an
interesting point you have not thought of or have a connection
you might not have considered.

Avoid potentially embarrassing questions.

Don't Spam! It does not reflect well on you or your business.
Women in Business join us and find tools to enhance
your business.  Access our women in business forum on
Facebook.  Build connections!
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How we promote women in

  • We provide a forum for

  • We help you to market your
    business with entries to our
    women in business link
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